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Creating and producing events takes a lot of time and resources… time and resources you just may not have available. We can help.


From meetings to media events to major celebrations, we help organizations produce their most important events in the most exceptional ways.


Our mission? Ensure that our clients are absolutely thrilled after their event.

(And before their event.) (And during their event.)


For over twenty years, we’ve been thrilling our clients. They smile. They giggle.

Sometimes, they even cry—in a good way.


Powerful events can do that. Breathtaking events can do that.

Your event can do that.


Our credo? Do it right. We know—sounds simple. Even a little silly.


But our clients tell us we do it right, event after event. National clients like Disney and JetBlue. Local clients like Florida Hospital and The Mall at Millenia. After we produce events for them, they ask us to produce more events for them.


That’s how it should work. That’s how it works with us.


We are Glickman Productions. May we help you?


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